There can be no paths to an opened mind when ignorance surmises truths from lies.


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  1. gentlekindness says:

    I like this one. I wish I could always know whether someone was giving me truth or lies. I want to think that most people are basically honest and are not willing to deliberately injure others for their personal gain. But somehow I end up believing the most insidious people.

    I need to learn that empathy and sensitivity need to be in tune with other people’s thoughts and intent, not just their feelings.
    It has been a lesson I had to learn the hard way.
    I am enjoying your wisdom and creativity here.

    Thoughtfulness seems to be a lost art, with many people. Sometimes I feel like I lose IQ points during the day and have to replenish them each night on wordpress.

    Or perhaps I am just in a sinycal mood, due to my recent realizations of being used and deceived for a year and discarded on my birthday this week. I am very rarely sinycal and I will shake it off.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and I am still perusing here for a few more minutes. You are one of the eclectic ones and I respect that. It keeps my attention longer and it is nice to see different writing styles from the same soul.


    1. John Foster says:

      As with nearly all things–to develop those skills it requires a discipline and practice of them; I believe you can accomplish your goals with patience. I’m blessed to have such rich feedback; thank you for your comment and for visiting. I’m glad you can relate.

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