I Am the River

I hear the river, as the river hears me.
   I am the river rolling quietly.
      I am guided by the anonymous banks
   that slither upon the face of the earth.
Swelling, I have spilled out onto the land.
   A torrent, I have devastated beautiful things.

      I see the river, as the river sees me.
   I am the river flowing steadily.
I carry many memories that ripple away,
   absorbed in the reflecting waters.
      Receding, I hoard my treasures in the sands.
   Run dry, I have left the weak thirsty.

I know the river, as the river knows me.
   I am the river moving effortlessly.
      I cannot turn back and I cannot be still,
   for I am always changing.
Maintaining, I was made with ancient hands.
   Open, I have a mouth that seldom speaks.

      Many streams have made me.
   Some run along side me
for a time.
   One day I will end at the delta,
      and I will at last become one with the sea.
   I am the river, as the river is me.

12 thoughts on “I Am the River”

  1. rainefairy says:

    I just thanked the stars up above that you chanced upon and actually liked my recent blog. I love the way you write! Such eloquence! I can’t stop reading your writings. Thanks ever for sharing, John.

    1. John Foster says:

      It was a pleasure to come across your blog. I’m so glad you have enjoyed mine. I am humbled by your generous and kind words.

  2. focalbreeze says:

    Such beautiful words and imagery. So glad you followed me. Exploring your poems and I’m loving your style.

    Can’t wait to read more of your works.

    Have a fantastic day and week,


    1. John Foster says:

      Thanks so much for your encouraging comments, happy to follow you.

  3. john flanagan says:

    Thank You
    for following my blog and i’m happy to have found you.

    Best Wishes


  4. Fictionatrix says:

    Reminded me of “The Brook” by Tennyson! Loved the rhythm and flow of the poem, akin to the flow of a river indeed!

    1. John Foster says:

      I had not read it before, until just now. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Mike says:

    Movement and heart beautifully revealed in this delightfully lyrical piece. Nice work.

    1. John Foster says:

      Thank you, I appreciate the kind words.

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