There can be no paths to an opened mind when ignorance surmises truths from lies.



Tattle Advocators Create Weak Adults

Throughout the course of our lives, we each encounter an innumerable amount of obstacles, or conflicts, we must overcome. Conflict enters our lives at the earliest stages and may last until the latest, whether we’re fighting a cold, fighting for our lives, or dealing with contention and day-to-day stress. Although we cannot anticipate the extent of the conflict we each will encounter during our life path, we can prepare for it. Both elements of nature and nurture are relevant when it comes to this; but where the instinctive aspects of conflict management end, skill-building is prominently learned within our cultural environment. We can indeed be taught how to effectively manage and build resilience to various forms of conflict.

Through many experiences that expose us to discord we strengthen our mental responses to stress, reinforce confidence in our self-worth, and confirm that our identity is both stable and worth defending against the forces that threaten it. This is a process of psychological conditioning, which is perhaps most pivotal during childhood and early adolescence. Considering this, it’s practical to assume major institutions of our culture, such as media, education, and politics, advocate for the conditioning and personal management of interpersonal conflicts amongst our nation’s youth.

Unfortunately, this is not the case when the average citizen turns on a television, checks the news on their smartphone, or attends a parent-teacher conference.

Surprisingly, many popularized messages regarding conflicts advocate the opposite of conditioning and management. Although at the surface the intentions seem in the best interest of all parties involved, these practices are inadvertently robbing rising generations of their personal power. Consequently, we are beginning to see the detrimental effects this is having on vital characteristics of resilience, independence, and positive self-worth in rising generations.


The hands of a man create himself; both in the works he constructs, and the person he constructs of himself through his works.



The nature of human life is beautiful in the realization that we are both created, and can create ourselves. We must be mindful also that we will be destroyed, and can too destroy ourselves.



Creating Personal Power

One of the most important aspects of individual independence is personal power. When I say personal power, I am not referring to power that one may have over others, but power of the individual in and of himself. In dealing with the many conflicts we encounter throughout our lives, one of the greatest tools we have as individuals is our personal power. This is embodied in many different forms, be they intelligence, knowledge, physical strength, skills, talents, or otherwise. Yet, as much as we are unique in the qualities we each possess, there are universal characteristics in each of us that make up this sense of personal power.



Falling leaves,
a gentle breeze
wisp’d across the crooked walls.
I walked the quiet rooms
alone, as soon
I’ll bid farewell to each—
cursed to miss them all.

Here lives history.
Glorious memories will fade
in changing scenes to winter.
Through sleepless nights
I will recall bright
the lights of moments I may see
but may not enter.

So much has dawned
through mornings’ fog—
the songs of birds mixed in our bawling.
Dreams have so born
and met death, so worn.
Here, waking to silence, in ease,
ears hear crows sparsely calling.


Life does not fulfill the man,
indeed it is the man who fulfills life,
for it is not man who tests his life in times of trial,
but life who tests man, and he must answer.